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      Youlan Enterprise Group Trading Department was founded in July 2004. Mainly engaged in lingerie design, research and development, sales and brand building, etc. The main market include United States, New Zealand, Australia, some European countries, Singapore and Southeast Asia. The main mode of trade is general trade. Services include design and development, sample production, domestic organization of bulk fabrics, production and processing, and entrusted transportation. Our products are ladies’ bras, panties, swimsuits, bikinis, sundresses, tights, corsets, sexy lingerie, ladies’ sports suits and fashion clothes, etc. We have a wealth of professional production and processing experience and a team of outstanding designers.


      "Providing quality services and products for quality brands!" is our service tenet. We mainly communicate and serve our customers through the Alibaba platform. Registered two international station accounts of Dalian Youlan Garment Co., Ltd. and Dalian Limei Garment Co., Ltd. respectively, and carried out international trade business. Clients who have orders for custom processing, can place orders directly on our Ali platform. Alibaba currently acts as a third-party company to provide guarantee services and fair supervision to our customers, ensuring the true performance of both parties and the security of funds. It is also very convenient to apply. In particular, it can adapt to the short, frequent and fast features of orders. The current business has been widely praised by customers.


      With dedicated service, high quality products and good reputation, Youlan Enterprise Group Trading Department sincerely welcomes domestic and foreign friends to come and cooperate with us! We can provide the best service for your brand!

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